About China BizConnect

China BizConnect is the podcast that brings together battle-scarred business leaders, marketing professionals and Chinese perspectives to address the why, how, where, and who of finding success in the markets of modern China.

Tim Lindeman, Host

My China journey began in 2000, immediately after I graduated from college with a degree in international relations. I arrived in China unable to speak a single sentence of Mandarin, but quickly immersed myself in Chinese and landed a job at Yonyou, China’s largest ERP vendor. There I learned the inner workings of a Chinese software company and helped them recruit foreign technology partners. Later I had the good fortune of meeting the founders of Dimensional Insight (a data analytics software company) who hired me to set up and run their China subsidiary. Through years of trial and error we relentlessly built up a sales channel and customer base, and Dimensional Insight is now a well-known brand in China’s healthcare IT industry.

In 2012 I returned to Boston to take on additional responsibilities at Dimensional Insight and completed an MBA at MIT Sloan. I continue to oversee the China market for Dimensional Insight, which remains the greatest challenge and passion of my career.

I started China BizConnect to share experiences and knowledge of what it takes for technology leaders to succeed in the China market. I would love to hear from you, so please connect with me on LinkedIn or on WeChat.

Michael Bragen, Host

Michael is a veteran global marketer and business developer. He began his China journey in 2007 when he started the China business for Software Productivity Research, a company helping software development organizations improve their productivity using better tools and processes. Michael spearheaded the market entry for this company, educating a brand new market, signing up distributors, and selling to and servicing Chinese customers, particularly in the financial sector.

In 2011, Michael returned to the San Francisco to lead Computer Aid International’s global partner alliance program. In this role, Michael continues to oversee manage and recruit partners in China.

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