Be a Guest on China BizConnect

Share your expertise with businesses looking to grow in the China market 

 Why China BizConnect? 

  • China BizConnect is the podcast that focuses on B2B marketing and sales of technology products in the China market. 
  • Our guests are experts with deep experience navigating this challenging market. 
  • Our audience includes professionals on the ground and executives back home who are looking for guidance from experts like you. 

 Benefits of Being a Guest 

  • Reach your target market with your unique message. 
  • Increase your name recognition. We display your background information with a link to your business on our website. We also promote every episode on social media. 
  • Deliver an on-the-air call to action. During the podcast, tell listeners about what you can do to help them and how they can contact you. 
  • Gain potential referral opportunities. When we consult with businesses looking to enter the China market, we often recommend and collaborate with trusted professional service providers to offer the services these businesses need. 

 What’s Involved in Being a Guest 

  • Introductory call to brainstorm the episode topic and discuss logistics 
  • Recording session using Zoom 
  • Participation in social media promotion after the release date* 

* After the interview, we edit the episode and put it in the queue for future release. After release, the episode will remain available on our server indefinitely for future listeners to appreciate.