Guest Recording Instructions

Before the Call

Get Audacity

  1. Download Audacity
  2. Choose the latest version of Audacity
  3. Run the installer
  4. Open Audacity

Setup Quality Preferences

  1. Open Audacity Preferences and click on Quality
  2. Ensure Default Sample Rate is 44100 Hz, then click OK

Create Project

Create a new Project by clicking File > Save Project > Save Project (click OK on warning dialog)

Setup Microphone and Levels

  1. Choose your recording device from the Microphone dropdown menu in the toolbar near the top of the application window
  2. Choose mono from the Recording Channels dropdown menu
  3. Click the pause button and then click the record button to set levels (it is good to aim for a maximum peak of around –6.0 dB)
  4. After you are done setting levels click the stop button
  5. Note: if you are having problems, you may need to configure your microphone in Windows or macOS.

Tips for a Successful Recording

  1. Close all other applications on your computer (except for Audacity and Skype which we will use for the call)
  2. Use an external microphone (a headset or headphone) to improve recording quality (If you don’t have a mic ready to go, use the earbuds that come with your phone!)

During the Call


  1. Begin your Zoom call with the hosts
  2. Click the record button
  3. When the recording session is completed click the stop button
  4. Click File > Save Project > Save Project

After the Call


  1. Click File > Export > Export as WAV
  2. Choose WAV (Microsoft) signed 16-bit PCM from Save as type dropdown menu
  3. Navigate to a folder you will be able to find the file in
  4. Click save
  5. Click OK on the Edit Metadata Tags screen (no need to enter values)


The hosts will provide a link by email for you to upload your saved .wav file.